Dec 2020

Champions Mortgage

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Champions Mortgage


Bringing a brand to the 21st Century

Small business Champions Mortgage goal’s is to modernize and eventually revolutionize the home loan process. But before revolutionize the business, they need to look the part with a rebrand.

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Discovery and Research

The Old Brand

We did an analysis of the current brand and where did the company wanted to go in general. For this we researched and deep dived into the competitors in the space, their competitors, fintech disruptors, to learn how can they be different in a saturated market.


The New Brand

After the analysis and defining what the business goal is with the new brand, we proceed to do develop branding options until a winner was chosen. The objective was to have a modern, friendly, and innovative take on the new brand.

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The New Identity

With a new brand we proceeded to update the website with the new identity.

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