Aug 2020


UX / Product Design
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Wemlo is a comprehensive, digital lending and services platform specifically designed for high-performing mortgage loan officers (MLO), processors, and their borrowers. Wemlo helps brokers with the processing of a mortgage loan, which is a long and time-consuming process, so they can focus on originating loans only.

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Discovery & Research

Deep Dive into Product Thinking and the Users

We needed to define the problem the product was trying to solve in order to build a successful experience. After analyzing the stakeholders' general opinion of the product, we created the framework to define the problem, the users, the vision, the strategy, and goals of the product.

This process helped us define the path of the users’ journey. Wemlo’s platform is composed of three different experiences, which correspond to three different users: broker, processor, and borrowers. Additionally, we broke down the information architecture of each platform to better understand the flow and journey of Wemlo’s users.

The Heuristic evaluation and Product Thinking framework gave us a path to follow to design the platform, but it was not enough. We sat down with the users and started to understand their pain points using the platform. These interviews were insightful to find problems to be solved and improve their user experience.

Design Thinking to the rescue

Coming Up with Solutions

To improve Wemlo’s UX, we began drafting multiple solutions and  polished the solutions into prototypes, tested them with the users, and collected their feedback. Based on the outcomes, we continued iterating solutions until we had a viable solution.

As part of the process to revamp the UI, we started working on defining the brand of the company, by establishing its branding guidelines. With a solid brand established, we could proceed to set a Design System based on Atomic Design.

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The new wemlo

Wemlo had shipped a minimum viable product (MVP) and the task of revamping the MVP was a welcome challenge. Taking the time to think about solving not only the product UX, but the company’s brand identity as well.

The startup solution was so successful that after 15 months of existence, Wemlo’s disruptive platform was bought by the #1 real estate franchise, Re/Max.

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