Mar 2020


UX / Product Design
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Smart clothing is coming strong in the last years. Several big brands have started to have our textiles connected, and my team noticed an opportunity to take this young market and make a website aimed at a niche segment: athletes.

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Discovery & Research

Design Research

The practice of sports have had an incredible increase of participation in the last years. Far away from being something made for the sake of being healthy, it have become a global trend. Lately there have been a lot of tech gadgets that help athletes motivate and increase their performance. But far from being limited to smart watches, it had jumped into another category, smart clothing. This lead to the creation of a e-commerce for a niche market.

Identity and UX

A Beast with Style

For the logo we thought that the typography should give the sensation of technology, but without leaving behind the little beast we have inside. This is reflected with the isotype/icon,  which can be used separate as well. The "Beast" of the icon, doesn't have a proper description of what type of animal is, it is just an "Intelligent Beast."

After deciding on the brand and style, we proceeded to build the information architecture, sketch mockups, and build wireframes.

After testing the wireframes flow with potential users, we started building the UI and prototypes.

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The Beast Unleashed

The first thing that we wanted people to do while entering the site was to choose an experience based on their sport (running, training or cycling). Each experience is build based on the personas we made for the research. The user will interact with the video via hotspots that they can click and see the type of gear the athlete is wearing.

Below you can check the website experience that includes the home, video experience, product grid and product page.

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